warhol’s mao painting goes on sale

Get your wallets out...

by i-D Staff
05 October 2015, 11:29pm

Ever dreamt about getting your paws on a massive silkscreen rendering of Chairman Mao, by the king of pop art Andy Warhol? Well now you can. Sotheby's has just unveiled one on Instagram, which will be available at the auction house's November Contemporary Art Sale. All you need is $17.4 million (that's what the last Mao painting was sold for). Measuring at 82 x 57 inches, the idea for Mao was first conceived with Warhol's friend and Interview editor Bob Colacello, from their desire to portray "the most iconic figure of the twentieth century." 

"But I was just reading in Life magazine that the most famous person in the world today is Chairman Mao," Bob recalls the artist saying, in the book Holy Terror. Inspired by the tropes of popular culture, Warhol's Pop portraits are some of his most iconic works. Sometimes 15 minutes of fame is simply not enough.

Andy Warhol