​lena dunham’s sister grace is the coolest on eckhaus latta’s runway

"I was like, I walk like a boy, but my huge tits are out, so I was just thinking about that dissidence."

by Charlotte Gush and i-D Staff
17 September 2015, 12:51am

Lena Dunham's sister Grace has made her catwalk debut for Eckhaus Latta during their spring/summer 16 show at New York Fashion Week. The bleach blonde, shaven headed actor and poet, freed the nipple in a sheer crop top and wrap-around denim mini-skirt that showed her naturally hairy legs.

"I'm friends with Mike (Eckhaus) and Zoe (Latta)," Grace Dunham told Elle backstage. "I know them from around, and they just reached out and asked me if I wanted to do it," she adds. The designers, who met at Rhode Island School of Design are known for casting a diverse line up of friends for their shows --poet/artist/DJ Juliana Huxtable, musician Dev Hynes, photographer Michael Bailey Gates and artist India Menuez all walked this season -- with both their models and designs blurring traditional gender boundaries.

Asked about what she was thinking on the runway, Grace says: "I didn't have my glasses on, so I couldn't see anything, so not much [was going on in my head]. I was trying to think about what Mike said. He was like, "Chain from the top of your head to the ceiling, shoulders back, walking like you're like you're listening to music and no one can fuck with your zone." So I was just trying to heed his advice. And I was like, I walk like a boy, but my huge tits are out, so I was just thinking about that dissidence."

Most people know Lena's little sister Grace from the total non-scandal / social media drama about their childhood body exploration that led a handful of nutcases to call Lena a paedophile, or even from her role (fittingly) as Lena's character's little sister in Tiny Furniture. A little internet digging turns up that she read Urban Studies at Brown and worked on a project called Space, making space in prison for the arts, for which she led writing workshops in a women's prison. Her Twitter refers to her as Grace / Simon / Jimmy / Simon-John and she's about to appear in the next season of Girls. Basically, she's the ultimate cool girl for the post-gender world.

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Photography Mitchell Sams
Text Charlotte Gush

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