lupe fiasco wrote this letter to white supremacy

"Dear White Supremacy... you are not really that supreme"

22 June 2015, 12:25pm

Following the Charleston Church Massacre, rapper Lupe Fiasco has penned an open letter to white supremacy. Presumably it's a rebuttal to the manifesto which recently surfaced, attributed to suspected shooter Dylann Roof. The three-part letter was accompanied by images of Roof, a white supremacist. Lupe Fiasco makes countless great calls throughout the three-part letter, closing with this pearl of wisdom: "if you wanted to get really ironic and meta about it, White Supremacy has to validate it's own identity based solely on its relationship to other races, I mean now that's what I would call joined at the hip." You can read the beginning of Lupe's letter below, and the rest on his Instagram.


Text Isabelle Hellyer
Photography Lupe Fiasco/Instagram