​pam hogg to design brits trophy

The music awards ceremony goes underground with its collaboration with the PVC-loving designer.

by Tish Weinstock
23 November 2015, 1:14pm

Following the likes of Damien Hirst, Phillip Treacy, Tracy Emin and Queen Viv, fashion legend and musician Pam Hogg will be lending her creative skills and aesthetic flare to the BRIT Awards 2016, by designing a set of individual trophies. The designer has impressive musical heritage of her own, with ties to Debbie Harry and Nick Cave, and as a past frontwoman of a few of her own punk rock bands. 

"An artist's true reward is that her/his work resonates and connects." Explains Pam, "Given a chance, the unseen unheard and unsung may also one day touch and unlock a waiting heart." 

The BRIT Awards 2016 with MasterCard takes place on Wednesday 24th February 2016 at London's O2 Arena and will be broadcast live on ITV. 

Pam Hogg