david bowie's new music video arrives for his 70th birthday

The Starman's posthumous, prescient video for "No Plan" features plenty of secret messages for fans.

by Hannah Ongley
09 January 2017, 6:52pm

Almost a year after he passed away from cancer, David Bowie's presence is felt as strongly as ever. This weekend would have marked the legend's 70th birthday, and as people all over the world toasted it with charity concerts and Instagram tributes, Bowie posthumously released a new music video. The eerie visual for "No Plan" was revealed just a few hours before he would have turned 70 on Sunday. 

While he doesn't actually appear in the video, it features no shortage of references to his life and work. The opening features a stack of glowing television screens inside the window of a store called Newton Electrical, a link to Bowie's character Thomas Jerome Newton in The Man Who Fell to Earth. A smaller sign reveals that the store is on Foxgrove Road, where Bowie lived in London before releasing his first big hit "Space Oddity." The song was inspired by the moon landing in 1969, and the televisions in the new video play footage of spaceships in between lyrics from "No Plan." The uncannily prescient song is about life and death — themes further underscored by the fact that Thomas Jerome Newton was resurrected for the Bowie-composed musical Lazarus late last year. 

"No Plan" is one of three previously unreleased songs included on a new EP by the same name. It includes "Lazarus" from Blackstar, "No Plan," "Killing a Little Time," and "When I Met You." Stream it here and see the new video below.


Text Hannah Ongley
Photography Jimmy King

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