the new westworld season 2 trailer will melt your brain

Of course it will, it’s a dystopian futuristic sci-fi crossed with a cowboy booted Western set in an adult theme park.

by Georgie Wright
24 July 2017, 5:41pm

On the back of Netflix blessing us with new Stranger Things series two fun(/fear), we've been blessed with another magnificent trailer for a justifiably hyped show with extremely high production values set to an epic backing track.

Season one of HBO's Westworld brought us a weirdly harmonious hybrid of futuristic sci-fi and gunslinging Western, a genre blend we never knew would work but did, very well. To surmise, Westworld (the fictional place, as opposed to Westworld, the TV show about the fictional place) is essentially a giant adult theme park, where the future's rich people go and indulge in their idealistic cowboy fantasies involving shoot outs and seedy brothels and other not very nice things. To make Westworld a more realistic place for the 1% to revel in, the park's creators invented very realistic robots, called hosts, to play the 'characters' in it. These robots look and act identically to humans, except that at the end of each day their memory is wiped so they can continue being good, complicit robots who don't mind awful humans doing awful things to them. When the robots begin to remember things and become aware of what's going on, they start to rebel. It's all very good and dramatic, and if you haven't seen it now you should probably stop reading this now (SPOILER ALERT, etc), tell your boss you've got a sudden case of highly contagious adult chickenpox, grab a pint of Ben Jerry's finest and settle down for some binging.

Season two looks to be equally exciting and bloody and confusing. The trailer shows game programmer Bernard (who we now know to be a host) staring at a dead tiger which is also probably a host, before later being whisked away in official looking cars, Maeve (the host who broke into the human world played by Thandie Newton) is finding human world fairly lacking in alive humans, and Dolores (the host with a heart o' gold and great aim played by Evan Rachel Wood) chases people through a field of wheat on horseback. All while the ominous (and Delores' ex) Man In Black stares almost-but-not-quite down the barrel of the camera. Providing some serious aural conflict is the soundtrack to the clip: the cheery I've Gotta Be Me by Sammy Davis Jr. But what could it all mean? Hold onto your chaps, there's only one way to find out.

Too bad we have to wait 'till 2018 to watch it. Couldn't you have timed that release with Stranger Things' second series, TV Gods?


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