watch lil yachty's hilarious explanation for his confusing cello lyric

'I fucked up. I thought Squidward played the cello.'

by Hannah Ongley
30 May 2017, 3:57pm

Lil Yachty is very adamant that his ruthless alter ago Lil Boat is nothing like he is. But the two do have one thing in common: an adorable lack of knowledge about woodwind instruments. The internet has been scalding the red-braided rapper since April over his recent track "Peek a Boo," a Migos-assisted club hit that includes one very confusing line about blowing a cello. Yachty's explanation of the lyric is pure comedic gold, somehow implicating both the A&R of his Sailing Team and Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants.

"I'm gonna blame my A&R," Yachty said when he got to the cello lyric. "He listened to that song many times, and he allowed me to say that, okay? I guess for a second, I thought a cello was a woodwind instrument and it is not. Nobody ever said shit. Nobody ever pulled up a picture and said, 'Hey man, I don't know if you know what this is. But it ain't that.' I fucked up. I thought Squidward played the cello."

As if this didn't provide Twitter with enough meme fodder, Yachty continued, "He don't. That's a flute." Spoiler: it isn't.

Anyway, Yachty has now learned the difference between all three instruments, and he's spot-on about one thing: "it do sound good."


Text Hannah Ongley
Photography Maxwell Tomlinson 

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