lauren on lauren: an anti-interview with tss survivor, model, and activist lauren wasser

What do you wish people would ask you, for a change? In this series, we flip the script and deliver the anti-interview, where interviewees are the interviewers too. Presented by Kenneth Cole's Courageous Class, we feature female role models who...

by Presented by Kenneth Cole
31 October 2016, 7:05pm


Director of Photography Anthony Carella
Assistant Camera Brandon Yoon
Photographer Camilo Fuentealba
Sound Matthew Betlej
Hair & Makeup Kelly Budd
Production Assistant Keith MacDonald, Gregory Horner
Editor Dina Rayzman, Lucy Munger
Assistant Editor Will Tilghman, Jon Hewett
Colorist Gabriele Gassia
Sound Design and Mix Jamie Collazo
Music JinglePunks
i-D Team
Creative Director Bunny Kinney
Creative Keenan MacWilliam
Art Director Kat Aileen
Producer Lily Nguyen
Creative Producer Abazar Khayami

Lauren Wasser
Kenneth Cole