10 things to know about designer demetra kakopieros

Meet the young Australian designer who has everyone talking.

by i-D Staff
26 May 2016, 1:55am

Photography Sebastian Petrovski

Demetra Kakopieros is the Sydney based designer whose MBFW presentation, as part of the Innovators Fashion Design Studio show last week, stopped people in their tracks. Defined by it's absence of colour, structural shapes and the addition of epic, silver statement jewellery, the collection was distinctive and clearly the work of someone with a singular vision. Intrigued, we spoke to the diminutive designer to better understand the motivation behind her work and what we can hope to see in the future. 

1. Her work is politically motivated.
"The inspiration behind this collection was the current refugee crisis. Focusing on the lives of children… the innocent. This is reflected in my use of digital print. I would say my work is very political; I absorb my surroundings and use it in my work.

2. Demetra refuses to use animal products in her work.
"The exploitation of animals for the fashion industry is extremely cruel and unnecessary. Especially with today's advancement in technology, there are too many alternatives to be falling back to the sad notion that animals are a necessity to the fashion industry. They are not! I back animal rights 100 percent."

3. She believes in the importance of creativity.
"We need more risk takers and creativity in the Australian market. But unfortunately, despite creativity making a good show, it doesn't always sell, and is typically not encouraged, especially here in Australia. We are losing our strongest graduates to overseas where they can express themselves freely and be praised for it."

4. In a parallel universe she could have been an athlete.
"After becoming very ill a few years ago, my vision and dreams of pursuing a career in sport became dormant. Art became my new light; I discovered an artistic ability I never knew I had.

5. She uses sounds to focus when she's working. 
"I enjoy all types of music depending on my mood or what I am doing. I am a massive fan of James Bay. Often when I am designing I listen to the sound of rain to help restrain my wandering thoughts, it helps me focus."

6. Her favourite book is also her favourite film.
"They're both Atonement."

7. There's only one colour in her wardrobe.
"Everything's black. A simple black coat, black pants and a black t-shirt has become a uniform for me."

8. She enjoys the simple things when not working.
"In my down time I like watching some of my favourite movies, I like chill nights out with some close friends, listening to my sister's compositions/song writing and attempting to learn how to play piano."

9. School taught her an important lesson. 
"It taught me to believe in myself."

10. One designer continues to inspire her.
"I admire the great Alexander McQueen the most."



Photography Sebastian Petrovski

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