woman crush wednesday with @kinkalow

Kellie Bird’s Instagram feed will make you want to pack your belongings and move to Byron.

by Ingrid Kesa
06 April 2016, 4:39am

All image via @kinkalow

We're starting to think there's something in the water in Byron Bay. Maybe it's the ocean, maybe it's the fresh air—but there seems to be an ever growing gang of cool local girls who are positively glowing. Previously we've profiled @theabebe and @ontheroadwithmelody and now we turn our focus to Kellie Bird who lives in Coorabell, a tiny town near Bangalow with incredible views of farmland and the coast. The fresh-faced beauty recently returned from traveling overseas and is getting back into modelling, which she pursues for fun in her spare time. We love her Instagram feed, it's full of all of the good things: animals, nature, adventures, friends and raw vegan cheesecake creations.

Kellie Bird.

Instagram handle?

Kells, Kinks, Kooee, Kelldawg Helldawg 101.

Where are you right now?
Sitting in the safari zone of my new home :).

What do you do for fun?
Adventure times to waterfalls and waterholes, where the people are few and the natures are many. Chilling at the beach, op-shopping, clothes hoarding, tree climbing, people watching, hanging out at my favourite local Japanese café, Doma.

Who was your hero in high school?
My mum.

Who is your hero now?
Still my mum.

Who are the members of your dream girl gang?
All my best friends in one place… Preferably on a tropical island.

What lyric sums you up?
"What's new pussycat? Woah, woah."

What song will forever put you in a good mood?
You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon—always a golden oldie.

What do you cook when you want to impress someone?
A buffet of all different little tastings, mixed salads, freshly squeezed juice with pretty edible flowers frozen into ice cubes and some raw desserts.

What's your dream pet?
I nearly flew to Russia to get a cat; but other than numerous cool breeds of cats I've always wanted to own a ferret, a hamster and a chameleon.

What's something you're passionate about?
Doing things that make me happy, original and authentic style, good food, things made with love, animals, anything Japan-related, creativity, self respect, keeping nature pristine, honesty and gratitude.

What TV show will you never get sick of?
Well, my housemate Wave and I are currently on a Sex and the City marathon so so I'm going to have to say that. And there's definitely an uncountable amount of school "sick" days of watching Seinfeld and The Nanny-they never get old.

What's your secret party trick?
I can fit my fist in my mouth.

If you had to wear one label for the rest of your life, what would it be?
That's hard… I like finding random second hand pieces and vintage goodies too much. And there are too many different styles I like depending on my mood and surroundings. One just wouldn't cut it; I'd have to make my own clothing label.

What do you love about the internet?
How good is Google?

When did you join Instagram?
On my 18th birthday when I finally said goodbye to playing Snake on my Nokia 3315.

Describe your Instagram feed?
Colours, nature, adventure times, a bit of modelling, a few selfies, things I make, my favourite humans and animals buddies. Pretty much anything that catches my eye or makes me happy.

Where's your favourite place to go in nature?
Places that are still untouched and that I haven't been to before.

What would your dream house and backyard look like?
A home on a hill filled with natural light, character, wooden floors and views of the ocean and forest. The pool from the movie La Piscine. A few fruit trees and a well-loved veggie garden. A forest down the back with a retreat style tree-house nestled in the treetops overlooking a waterfall. And a rope swing from the tree-house so I could swing into the waterhole in the morning… But I would probably rent it out most of the time and travel as much as I can.

Who are your three favourite people to follow on Instagram?
This is difficult and I'm going to cheat: @wave.lachish is the photography queen and can make a great tortilla from scratch; @sammofarrell is colourful, fun and can do no wrong; @napkinapocalypse because who doesn't love seeing a couple of chill dogs dressed up as mini people with a good voice over? As well as @fffzine, for food and fashion done right and @tunameltsmyheart because Tuna literally melts my heart.

Where else can we find you online?
I've got something in the works but just @kinkalow for now.

Country or city?

Britney or Beyonce?

Health food or junk food?
Health food - looks good, tastes good, feels good.

Heels or sneakers?
Platform sneakers.

Early mornings or late nights?
If I've seen the sun rise and the sun set it's been a good day.

Dating or hanging out?
Hanging out.

Hotels or camping?
Camping under the stars.


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