kirin j callinan transformed into a priest for tommy codling’s debut single

The Sydney producer’s first video shows that just because you went to a nice school, doesn't mean you had a nice time.

by i-D Staff
10 March 2016, 2:21am

Tommy Codling set his first music video in an exclusive private boy's school in an effort to show that just because you went to a nice school, it didn't mean you had a nice time. With The Day I Found Out They Stopped Making That Gucci Perfume he demonstrates how brutal the pricey experience can be. Speaking to i-D, Tommy—a private school boy himself—explains that many of his music industry friends like to remind him of his time at a swanky school. But he takes issue with the assumption that a posh school equates to a perfect upbringing, given it ignores endemic issues of violence, bullying and intimidation. He hopes the clip's visuals "might alter the perspective some people have regarding private schools. Preconceptions of an individual's personality based on social circumstances is a negative way of thinking."

If the aim was to disrupt assumptions, casting Kirin J Callinan as the creepy—at times manic—priest at the centre of the video was an inspired piece of casting. With his signature mullet and shades accessorised by an aggressive hound, Tommy adds, "Kirin is the only person that could have played that role in the video."

Before making his own music, Tommy was involved in the Sydney scene for years. He'd put in time booking shows, playing in bands, producing for other artists and working in radio. He decided to bite the bullet and make his own tracks out of a love for local creative culture; " I want to be responsible for something that is a unique part of it," Tommy said, "another Australian making a replicated version of PC Music would be boring."

Looking at the clip and track, we're comfortable he doesn't need to worry about that. 

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