​“skateboarding doesn’t have borders”: the gosha affiliated paccbet skate team take california

​INRUSSIA presents a short documentary that follows members of Gosha Rubchinskiy’s PACCBET skate crew on their first trip to California, watch the trailer exclusively here.

by Steve Salter
22 June 2017, 10:50pm

Since his debut collection in 2008, Gosha Rubchinskiy has changed the face of contemporary fashion by placing a lens over his post-Soviet reality to develop a picture of modern Russian youth. Over the last nine years, Gosha's images, films and designs have allowed outsiders to see a previously unseen world. In recent seasons, he has taken this proposition that bit further by inviting the fashion industry to Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg to see the reality of his world. While Gosha embraces a sense of homecoming for his eponymous line, PACCBET -- a Russian skate brand he presents by close friend and muse Tolia Titaev -- is exploring unfamiliar territories.

Hoping to prove that borders no longer define who we are, the PACCBET skate team traveled to Southern California last February and met American pro-skaters along the way.

"Skateboarding doesn't have borders," Tolia explains over email. "It's a really open culture. As a skater, wherever you go, you can meet other skaters and immediately create a bond. You meet, skate, they show you around and you film Instagram videos together, basically have a great time. It's super easy to travel when you're a skater I think. Nobody in Russia had ever worked on this type of project before. The idea is just to show how Russian skaters can rule in California, meeting cool guys, skating, filming and having fun."

Shot by members of the PACCBET community of skaters, artists and other young Russian-born and based creative talents, the idea of turning dreams into reality was the initial impulse for making this documentary. "Community is really key to what we do. It's essential to be surrounded by people you are comfortable with and you can talk easily to, guys that take care of each other. In PACCBET we all take care of everyone else on the team, it's really important. It's the ideology behind our community." After meeting through the Moscow skate scene almost a decade ago, both Gosha and Tolia have evolved side by side in an ever growing creative community that now knows no borders. "Never stop skateboarding," Tolia advices, "skateboarding makes connections."

Following their first capsule skate project launched in September 2016, PACCBET are extending their collection to include denim pieces, in addition to their selection of skateboards, T-shirts, hoodies, and caps. "Simple pieces creating a strong silhouette," Tolia adds.

On 27 June, Gosha presents the second season of PACCBET, a Russian skate brand by Tolia Titaev and friends launching exclusively at Dover Street Market London, New York, Ginza, Singapore, I.T Beijing Market, Comme des Garçons Pocket Shop Berlin and Paris Trading Museum as well as on their respective e-shops.


Text Steve Salter

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