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With 2016 coming to an end, photographer Imogen Wilson set out to see what people will remember of the past 12 months, and what they’d like to forget.

by i-D Staff
07 December 2016, 1:17am

Describe 2016 in one word?

What have you learned this year?
You can't expect things to go well if you don't look after yourself and your mind. Self care isn't an optional extra, it's something I have to do. After that, everything follows alright. Creds to The What's Underneath Project for teaching me that.

What was your highlight?
Graduating school with my best friends by my side. The leaver's breakfast and parade was like a very fuzzy dream sequence. We were dressed as Dionne, Cher and Tai from Clueless, all coordinated knee highs and plaid miniskirts that got covered in silly string and confetti. Having my principal hand me ketchup and a sausage after a night of partying and 7AM shots was a bit surreal.

What will you remember about 2016?
Just the feeling of grinding to an end of childhood, and feeling on the brink of a new era.

What are you excited for in 2017?
Cool projects/ideas I have time to explore with my new found freedom. Going with the flow dabbling in everything until I figure what on earth to do with myself.

Who would you like to see make a comeback in 2017?
The Sugababes, 3LW. Every classic, slightly cheesy girl band trio/=.

Fashion predictions for the next 12 months?
We've done 90s, so I hope we just carry on through the years to a total 2000s comeback. Full-on Lizzie Mcguire aesthetics —butterfly clips included.



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