sky ferreira won't play sky ferreira in the new 'twin peaks'

'I’m not, like, Julee Cruise as myself.'

by Hannah Ongley
16 May 2017, 8:59pm

When Showtime dropped a list of 200-plus actors who'd be appearing in the new Twin Peaks, there was one name we were extra stoked to see alongside OGs like Mädchen Amick and Sherilyn Fenn. Noted David Lynch superfan Sky Ferreira has a mysterious role in the revival — a role that has just become slightly less mysterious five days out(!) from Season Three's May 21 air date. Ferreira spilled to Vanity Fair today that Lynch created an original character for her after she flexed her acting chops in an audition for the new season. It was previously unknown if Ferreira would be appearing as herself à la dream-pop Peaks icon Julee Cruise.

"I'm not, like, Julee Cruise as myself," Ferreira revealed. "And I'm kind of glad I'm not. I got to be something completely outside of myself." Cruise did, however, give her blessing to the "Falling" theme that Ferreira recently performed alongside her at a Twin Peaks musical showcase hosted by Angelo Badalamenti. She even DMs Ferreria pics of her dogs on Instagram, in case you thought she was just being polite about the pop phenom's vocal ability.

Twin Peaks is hardly Ferreira's first acting rodeo. She made her feature film debut in Eli Roth's cannibal horror The Green Inferno, has appeared in supporting roles alongside Nicolas Cage and Kevin Spacey, and has just wrapped a black metal biopic by Beyoncé's Lemonade director. Safe to say Ferreira has done her homework on Lynch's beloved cult series — she named her excellent 2013 album Night Time, My Time after lines spoken by Laura Palmer in the divisive prequel Fire Walk With Meafter Palmer personally visited her in a dream. 

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