millie bobby brown wants to end cyberbullying

The 'Stranger Things' star is making Twitter positive again.

by Hannah Ongley
18 July 2017, 4:25pm

PAraya Diaz 

With FLOTUS's anti-cyberbullying initiative still quite non-existent, human sunshine Millie Bobby Brown is stepping up to the plate and spreading the love on Twitter. The Stranger Things star has launched a new account called @milliestopshate "to share love and positivity," she announced yesterday. "I will tweet encouragement and advice for situations that need love and help," Millie wrote in one of her first tweets. She has so far doled out useful advice to a fan with a psycho gymnastics teacher ("Reply with: screaming is not the answer") and retweeted helpful pointers from her followers. It feels worth mentioning that Millie was born only two years before Twitter was. If only fully-grown adults could put their typing fingers to such commendable use.

Millie didn't say exactly what compelled her to launch the account, but it's obvious that Twitter is becoming an increasingly divisive place. The app has made its own attempts at quelling the recent increase in online abuse, including banning accounts that spread hate speech. Though as many people have pointed out, this action appears to be reserved for the endurance athletes of professional trolling rather than everyday bullies. Upping Twitter's positivity quotient at the same time feels like a pretty worthy idea in our books.


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