is chelsea manning about to drop a 90s jungle mixtape?

The whistleblower/DJ has already found a fan in The Black Madonna, and a guest DJ spot on Brooklyn's The Lot Radio.

by Hannah Ongley
16 June 2017, 8:30pm

Photography Taylor Hill via Getty Images. 

Chelsea Manning is out of prison and doing what any millennial with unlimited bandwidth would do: Instagramming pizza, playing Forza Motorsport 7, and teasing her first post-prison mixtape of early 90s jungle tracks. The Army whistleblower is also well-versed in Bristol-style trip-hop, classic house, and trance — but only from the Netherlands, not Sweden, obviously.

Chelsea took to Twitter last night to profess her love for underground bass music from the pre-MP3 era. And she has some choice words for haters who say dubstep hasn't been cool since 2001. "Wicked, wicked, jungle is massive," anyone? Prison can't make Chelsea miss a beat, especially when it drops real hard.

The surprise revelation was met with praise from fellow dance geeks, including none other than The Black Madonna. "@xychelsea is a junglist and everything is goooooooood," the Chicago house queen tweeted after Chelsea quoted General Levy and M-Beat's ragga-DnB collab "Incredible". Chelsea then engaged in a group eulogy for vintage acetate dubplates — "they always felt like holding a precious ancient treasure in your hands — beautiful, yet fragile and so temporary" — and was even offered a guest spot on Brooklyn's The Lot Radio.

Unfortunately it might be a while before we hear her spin — Chelsea is pretty picky when it comes to equipment, as she informed us when fans offered to start a crowdfunding campaign for some new decks. But if her long road to freedom has taught us anything, it's that good things are worth waiting for.


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