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It's New Generation Week on i-D.co and where better to find the stars of tomorrow than at London's top design schools? We headed down to the London College of Fashion to shoot the BA (Hons) Fashion Design graduates. Remember their names!

by i-D Team
18 November 2014, 5:55am

Alina Negoita

What made you want to study fashion?
I just felt that I should.

What inspired your FMP?
Personal experience and emotions when something very unexpected happened to me in that summer (My boyfriend cheated on me).

Do you think you still need a degree to work in the creative industries?
Yes, definitely. I think marketing is also important aspect in the fashion industry. I am very interested in studying fashion design and marketing as well.

What are you doing this weekend?
Finishing an essay! And then it's my movie time.

What's the best thing about living in London?
Too many wonderful things! Probably that I can get almost every amazing fashion designers andd brands in the shops.

What's next?
Trying to get into the industry!



Photography Alina Negoita

alina negoita
yuging xie