watch jaden smith smash up a vr headset in this sci-fi music video

"I can’t think of a worse drug than a fake reality," Fall Out Boy say in a note on social media.

by Charlotte Gush
28 July 2017, 7:54pm

Jaden Smith stars in the futuristic new video from pop-rock band Fall Out Boy, exploring a range of fantasy lives using a VR headset. In the video for "Champion," we follow the protagonist as they cycle through a range of alternate identities, including some pretty questionable ones like a violent police officer and an obnoxious, rich business person, as well as some cool ones like a garage band member and grandad whose family seems to love them.

Jaden's character, who we assume is the real human behind it all, makes his feelings pretty clear about the whole thing via a baseball bat. "I can't think of a worse drug than a fake reality," band member Pete Wentz writes in a handwritten note (old school!) posted to Twitter. "We create and can be whoever we want, yet our choices often leave us lonely and unfulfilled," he continues, imploring fans to, "Smash the fake reality. Don't just sit around and kill time." So if you're reading this on a screen (hi, everyone!) then, IDK, start an IRL luddite cult or something. Or maybe just go to the pub — it is Friday.


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