rapper danny seth shares heartfelt inspiration behind his latest single, danny darling

As London based MC and Last Night In Paris member Danny Seth gears up to release his debut album he shares something so intimate it almost had us in tears.

by i-D Staff
09 September 2015, 1:02am

Taken from the album Perception Is Everything, Danny Darling sees Danny re-living the moment he returned home to find his step mother gone with no explanation from his father. After discovering that she had left for good, he desperately wrote her a series of letters but only ever received one reply, all of which he channels with his emotional and impassioned lyrics. As heartfelt as you can possibly get, Danny has decided to share, through i-D, the letter from his step mother. 

Read a quote from Danny below as you press play on the exclusive premiere of Danny Darling. 

"After trying to contact my stepmother for 6 months, after finding out that her and my father had got a divorce (and my dad moved to spain), i tried to contact her endless times. This included 5 letters. One luckily reached her, and what follows is the actual story of the letters back and forth from her. This was the last time we have spoken to this date. The letters you read, are the exact letters that she wrote to me. Even though this is personal to me, i want people to know, this is a true story and i miss her everyday. Thank you for inspiring me Susan." Danny Seth.

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