video premiere: flamingods, taishogoto (shinamo moki remix)

Everybody was kung fu fighting – those kicks were fast as lightening. In fact it was a little bit frightening, but they fought with expert timing.

by i-D Staff
28 October 2015, 11:53pm

There's just no denying it, old kung fu movies are awesome. Our all-time favourite Bahrain-London band Flamingods know it, and the UK foursome responsible for this rework ofTaishogoto do too. "Though we can't claim to be bigger fans of kung fu movies than the Shinamo Moki boys, it's a genre that's always excited us, mainly due to the pure outrageousness and other-worldly mystique of it all," fiery god Kamal Rasool tells us. 

"The song has such a great hypnotic flow and when paired with the majestic movements of martial arts, makes for a deep experience." Released two years ago on the band's debut album Sun, the original Taishogoto has been sedated and sent spiralling through a trippy series of dreams by Shinamo Moki. "We watched a bunch of old martial arts DVDs that were passed down to us by our estranged and now deceased Uncle Jiggells - I think the name is of Latvian origin," explain SM. "It was a sweaty and at times heartwarming ordeal, but we got through all 3 them. After being asked to work on a remix for our friends Flamingods, I'm afraid to say that it got caught up in the crossfire. What came out of it was a hot mess of rubbery bass, icy fm bells, fuzzy synth strings, crispy koto and a suggestion of taishgoto." Full of fantastic leaps and lethal kicks, this is badass.


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