arvida byström's latest track perfectly captures femme frustrations

"I ain't here for no boy/I'm here to meet with you"

by i-D Team
03 December 2015, 5:40am

Photography Alasdair McLellan

You must know it by now: Arvida Byström is a young creative we love. The photographer, sometimes-model and producer has released a new song, and we'd wager it's her best yet. It's a cloudy, coaxing love song called Baby Heat that deals with a problem femme queer girls know too well. That is, being read as straight by the outside world when you're actually anything but. Arvida put the it best in this Instagram caption about the track's message:

when u go out and wanna make friends or maybe wanna hit on sumbody that is not a boy but u look too much like a basic straight girl so only thing happening is straight boys dehumanizing u #storyofmylife

"I ain't here for no boy/I'm here to meet with you" Arvida whispers before a lush drop. Give it a listen below, and sink into more of Arvida's catalog here.


Photography Alasdair McLellan
Styling Max Clark
Hair Diego Da Silva at Tim Howard Management
Make-up Maki Ryoke at Tim Howard Management using Tom Ford Beauty 
Arvida wears t-shirt 'Crybaby' vintage from Melrose Avenue

Arvida Byström