junglepussy's new album will make her your favourite mc

Listen to the Brooklyn rapper's latest here.

by i-D Staff
18 November 2015, 2:29am

Brooklyn rapper Junglepussy just dropped her first LP, Pregnant With Success. It completely lives up to the hype that surrounded her out-of-this-world single, Now or Later, where she demanded to know if you're going to "fuck with her now, or later" - because either way, you're going to. Most of the record's production was handled by frequent collaborator, Shy Guy, who created the icey bangers Dear Diary and butter smooth track, Only Way. 

Junglepussy laid out the album's inspiration like so: "Pregnant With Success is an ode to my mother and to all mothers...anyone who ever planted a seed, anyone who ever created something, anyone who ever waited patiently for something to come into fruition." Steam the album below including i-D favourites Bout You and Get to Steppin' or peep the Now or Later video above.