watch and learn as sälen give us their heartbreak diet plan

Watch the London band's dark new video as they offer us some solid life advice.

by Frankie Dunn
01 March 2017, 12:10pm

Directed by i-D's very own Lily Rose Thomas, welcome to the glam life of Ellie from Sälen's heartbroken heartbreaker. Set to the tune of their fizzy pop song Heartbreak Diet, the visuals are all diamonds, dogs, and dangerous liaisons that end up in body bags. Don't cross her.

Breaking up is never easy, but watch, learn, and then give the band's tried and tested methods of powering on through the heartache a go. Follow their advice to the letter and you'll feel like a new person, probably.

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Method 1, by Simon Milner:
"Keep your dark glasses on, as in the Roland Bathes way. Go out and keep yourself immersed in nightlife! If that doesn't work make an effigy of your ex into a voodoo doll and stab the shit out of it. Be warned, you must find a good hiding place because if they decide to take you back and find it under your pillow, then you're fucked."

Method 2, by Ellie Kamio:
"When I broke up with my ex it was very hard because I was still very much in love with him, but I knew it wasn't working for either of us and our relationship was hurting us both. I knew that I needed to cut communication with him because our relationship was so intense. You can't hang out with someone if you still have feelings for them, inevitably one of you will slip up. You wake up next to them and have the same conversation about what you guys are doing over and over. Fuck that. It's not a good idea to prolong something that's not working and hurting you both in the process.

I think I got drunk literally every night for three months. I liked being around people who didn't ask if I was ok because that would make me cry. Yes, I cried every night for those 3 months, but it was mostly in private or to those who really cared. When you're heartbroken, you can't see how you can be happy without that person in your life anymore. But honestly, healing takes time and I promise you'll always feel happier in the end."

Method 3, by Paul Taylor:
"Put your brave face on, load up some tunes on a playlist - half sad, half happy - and ride it out. Maybe go for some retail therapy - get some bling and let time do it's thing!"

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