​10 things you need to know about michael lockley

He’s mates with Lucky Blue Smith, has a thing for Kendall Jenner and has the best hair in the industry. Meet fashion’s new it-boy.

by Felicity Kinsella
16 July 2015, 12:28am

Photography Ash Kingston

Recognise the boy with the gorgeous face and the strawberry-blonde afro who appeared on every spring/summer 16 catwalk from London to Paris? It may have been his breakout season, but think back a few months and you'll remember him opening Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 15 (his very first show), appearing in Kanye West's half street, half model-cast adidas show and sitting pretty in the pages of i-D's The Activist Issue (you saw him here first!). It's taken the 17-year-old Brooklynite all of six months to become the most in-demand boy in the industry. Meet fashion's new Goldilocks…

Photography Daniel Jackson. Fashion Director Alastair McKimm. Casting Director Angus Munro. The Activist Issue, No. 336, Spring 15

1. He's a baller. This is what he'd be doing if he wasn't modelling…
"Probably playing basketball for a team."

2. He was the class clown in school…
"I just felt like school was too boring and needed some type of energy."

3. This is what his mates think of his newfound career in front of the lens…
"Some think it's cool, but definitely don't have an idea what models go through haha."

Photography Kate Owen

4. He once went along with Lucky Blue Smith to one of his manic fan meet 'n' greets…
"I mean it was cool, he invited me to come along with him. It was all love."

5. He's stoked about his rapid rise to fame…
"I was just so grateful for all the support I had during the first season, I could only hope for the same!"

6. When he's not striking a pose this is what he's doing…
"A little bit of reading, going to the gym and working out, also hanging out with my friends."

Photography Jason Lloyd Evans

7. Ask him no questions, he'll tell you no lies…
"If I could ask the world one question and I got the answer then life would no longer be an adventure."

8. In a blockbuster of his life, this is who'd be on his cast list…
"My romantic other would be Kendall Jenner, soundtrack choice Marvin Gaye Let's Get It On, and I would play myself!"

9. The advice he always sticks by is…
"Stay positive and never let anyone put you down."

10. This is where he plans on being in ten years time… we feel ya Michael…
"Marrying Kendall and doing what real bosses do… feel me?"


Photography Ash Kingston


Text Felicity Kinsella

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