five things you should know about building two

'Adorabubble' is a term the jewellery label duo coined to describe themselves and accurately so.

by Savannah Anand-Sobti
12 May 2015, 2:00am

Building Two is a jewellery label made by friends for friends. Their newest collection Layla takes us on a walk down memory lane, back to our childhood days when we treasured plastic bedazzled jewellery sets...although this time they're made of silver, gold and real precious stones. 

Kieran Jackson and Bella Clark are the talents behind the label who hand make everything in their Melbourne studio. With a penchant for the ultra cute and girly, they've quickly conjured an international fan base who appreciate the balance they strike between sophisticated and sassy. With the release of their second collection, we thought we'd get to know them a little better.

1. The label's name was inspired directly from their time studying together.
Building Two is a literal reference to the room they learnt Fine Art Object Practice together in at RMIT.

2. They want to make girls look and feel pretty.
Building Two's vibe is "sexy, cute, sassy, adorable." Each collection is based on a concept and pays no heed to whatever's in fashion in the jewellery world. To the question of who they'd ultimately like to wear their jewellery, the response was a unanimous,"Paris Hilton and Bad Girl RiRi definitely."

3. They want you to reminisce about your childhood with their newest collection Layla.
Bella told i-D, "We wanted to capture those awkward teenage years and growing up. An awkward adolescence kind of thing. The jewellery you'd wear as a kid and the weird things you'd get from your parents for your birthday, kind of thing. We wanted to capture that and turn these tiny plastic objects into silver and precious stones so it's more valuable than what you received as a kid. It's more adult."

4. Their design process must involve dumplings and beer.
"Firstly, we sit down and try and come up with a concept we like - usually over dumplings and beer. We do heaps of research. Ask friends and family and do a little bit of the market research thing. Once we're happy with the concept that's when we sit down and start designing." Bella tells i-D.

Not just for the ladies the duo plans to expand into jewels for boys.
What's next from the duo is a unisex line that'll be, "fun and still in the cute category," Kieran says. "Mens jewellery with a twist," is the perfect expansion for the boy/girl pair especially given that, according to Bella, "Kieran gets jealous that I get to wear everything." 


Savannah Anand-Sobti

building two