five tips for staying stress free in fashion from @stressedstylist

It’s #NationalStressAwarenessDay, (we know, it comes around so quickly every year!) so we asked for some quick tips from Instagram’s favourite perennially stressed stylist.

by i-D Staff
07 November 2018, 1:40pm

From Dank Art Director Memes to Shit Model Management, in 2018, the satirical fashion Instagram has become as much an integral part of the industry as the magazines and designers it lampoon. Memes are our most cathartic form of relief, the art form our generation will be remembered for. And, concerned mostly with tracking numbers, courier fuck-ups and on-set passive aggression, Stressed Stylist is the latest account to satirise the agony and ecstasy of photoshoots.

So with it being National Stress Awareness Day, and us wanting any excuse to spend more time looking through Instagram in a professional capacity, we asked the mystery stylist behind the account to give us their top five golden rules for for staying calm and collected on set.

1. Get a decent sleep, every night
This is pretty obvious, but in an industry that can demand lots of early morning call-times and long days on set, it’s so important if you want to be able to survive and be on your game all day.

2. Don’t just stare at your phone, talk to people on set
The stereotype that people in fashion are crazy bitches is true sometimes, but I promise there are awesome and passionate people in this industry too! Time will pass faster if you talk to the person standing next to you on set, ask them where are they from, share ideas, and you might even end up working with them in the future.

3. Always bring snacks
You may think this is stupid but you never know when (or if) you’re going to eat, and personally when I’m hungry it affects my mood and I don’t work at my best. It’s a life saver for me!

4. Remember we’re not saving lives
I used to stress so much and take it personally when I didn’t get the confirmations I wanted or when something went wrong during a job, but this industry has its own way of working and sometimes things just don’t work out. This could be because of bad timing, customs, industry politics, a bad team, or all these things combined! As much as I love what I do, we’re not saving lives with fashion and it’s not worth it to go crazy about it. It'll go better next time!

5. Step out the bubble
Please take the time to see your family and friends, go to the cinema by yourself, go to a concert, get your nails done. It’s just clothes!

(Bonus tip: Memes. Lots and lots of memes.)

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