yung lean & sad boys

2003. Arizona iced out boys. Yung Leandoer Shawty. Emotional boys 2001. Emotional shawtys in this bitch.

by Frankie Dunn and Francesca Dunn
03 June 2014, 10:20pm


At the age of 12 began Yung Lean and his crew with a SingStar microphone, invited their tracks to YouTube and the Internet was hooked. When I first heard, I thought that I came across iPhone schoolyard rap videos, the crazy kids have clogged up with Japanese characters and digital Glitter, which was true. But what surprised me were the millions of clicks.As it turned out, had Jonatan Leandoer Ha city and its Sad Boys - the producer Yung Yung Sherman and Gud - already have an initial hype on their side of the early Odd Future resembled the posse. If they go with their girlfriends on tour to perform with her friends from the Gravity Boys (ecco2k, Bladee and white armor), follow them legions of obsessed fans with fishing caps, throw themselves into Sad Boys sobs poses and sing every word can , Jump over a deeply relaxed flow that stupid Lyrics casually back and forth: Oreo milkshakes, Bitches popping, Pokémon, piss on the floor. They read like that which would spit out a be dining from the Urban Dictionary poems generator and the Auto-Tune saturated Lines lie insanely beautiful on the oriental-style productions. This is post-Internet-music for a post-internet generation.

The new rapper can be more and more from the current events and less inspired by the nineties, so I just deve wrap me. I'm honest - nihilistic.

How is your life now compared to earlier?
different, very different. It now has much more purpose, which is cool. It's more fun, but I sleep less.

Who do you think had the best sense of fashion of all times?
Sid Vicious.

Your fisherman seems to have arrived at your fans.
Yes, I can bear no more fishing hats, because everyone now carries.

Do you have a favorite hat?
Yes, I had a Polo Fishing Hat, I liked very much. But I have exchanged him with Yung Sherman against a scarf.

Is that why you so sad?
I'm not sad. We just thought Sad Boys would be a good name.

What makes you happy?
Good coffee to make good music and True Detective.

What kind of music do you like because now?
During our trip I've heard a lot of Young Thug and Joy Division.

How much is too much Auto-Tune Auto-Tune?
I do not think there can be such a thing. It is not about what is too much, but how you use it. It should not sound like a gimmick, it should sound good.

What's your favorite emoji?
The 100. It is totally simple and sometimes I use it instead of writing OK, which is useful. I also like the wave and the new Emoji by Soulja Boy, the only shows his face with a Gucci Tattoo.That's cool.

Photography Piczo

Who is your dream woman?
Cara Delevingne, which is good.

I heard she was with a girl, what do you think?
That's cool! A bit sad I am already, but especially happy for them.

What do you think about the current state of the world?
It sucks.

Why shit?
No one takes more true the real world and people have really sick views. As children, we had no Internet and could not decide easily what music we listen to, what movies we watch and what books we wanted to read. But the kids who are growing up today, only this world know. She is six years old and have iPads. The rest of the world is fucked up. Russia is crappy.A lot of stuff should be legalized and it is not yet. In Sweden there are still the monarchy and we have a nationalist party, which is led by a racist prick. It's a horrible world.

In what direction do you think goes to the future of Rap?
The new rapper can be more and more from the current events and less inspired by the nineties, so I just keep developing myself. I'm honest - nihilistic. Rap has no particular sound more. You can make your inspiration, what you want and bring in your own style with. Thanks to the internet anyone can like me to rap and make a career out of it. Long live the Internet!

Do you believe in aliens?
Yes, I think they like you and me look. You and me, we could just be aliens.

Are you an alien?

You like Game Of Thrones, right? Which character you'd like to?
The dwarf, which is cool.

And what character would you like to fuck?

What do you think, will you do in ten years?
Anything that has to do with music.



Text Francesca Dunn
Photography Piczo 

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