molly goddard’s sandwiches, showers and summer softness for spring/summer 16

From last season's see-through ball gowns, naked life-drawing and art class in motion, Molly Goddard quietly pulled us tighter into her world by drawing inspiration from a quintessentially bleak English summer, retreating inside a hard-at-work, hardly...

by Steve Salter
21 September 2015, 2:15pm

​Photography Jason Lloyd-Evans

"We initially wanted to create a vegetable show, with all manner of ugly and unusual produce but it was all a little too twee, it couldn't be too pretty," Molly Goddard confessed, as models carefully layered cheese, lettuce and tomato on to buttered bread. "This was the perfect middle ground." Although far quieter than her fall/winter 15 world, this Sarah Edwards-designed set was still full of intrigue and contrasts. "The setting is quite clinical against the dresses and it moves the story on from last season, which was so rich. This is bleak in a way," she adds with a smile as a tray of tempting sarnies passes us by on their way to a local charity. "Ultimately, it's one of those teenage summer jobs, the type you don't really want but have to do to."

"The mood for spring/summer 16 is running off the beach because it's a bit too cold, escaping in your swimsuit and high heeled clogs (this season Molly collaborated with Penelope Chilvers), throwing on layers as it begins to rain." Now, the threat of a short, sharp shower interrupting any summer sunshine is all too familiar and Molly's whimsical workers are prepared. For some, signature vibrant tulle dresses are worn over patchwork t-shirts and cotton bikinis whilst others wear smock dresses in muted tones and tartan. "It's fun doing summer. This is my first proper spring/summer collection and I'd love to do a swimsuit collection. This is me dipping my toes in the water." With an ocean of ruffles, ruching, crinkles and frills, we can't wait to dive right in.

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Text Steve Salter
Photography Jason Lloyd-Evans

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