premiere: smerz - because

We've fallen head over heels with the beautiful music of this Norwegian duo.

by i-D Staff
06 January 2016, 12:50pm

Now if you don't love this song then we're not quite sure what to say. The relatively unknown Norwegian duo Smerz instantly had us with this elegant piece of masterful deconstructed pop. Because opens up a world of soft techno replete with tidy, fleeting, vocals that give the track that kind of Tirzah and Mikachu vibe to it that we're totally in love with. "Because is about being careless while wanting to care, about trying to argue whether you are happy or not," they explain.

The pair's notable shows last year were mainly at Scandinavian festivals like Roskilde, Insomnia and Way Out West and they kicked off this year with a performance at Groningen's Eurosonic festival next weekend. We'll definitely be keeping our eye on the lookout for more music from these two but now, press play on the i-D premiere of Because.