​the track sia wrote with adele is finally here

Alive is giving us life.

by Charlotte Gush
24 September 2015, 3:38pm

*Deep breath* The latest track by Sia was written by Sia and Adele, about Adele's life, for Adele to sing, but was eventually performed by Sia, who is singing from Adele's perspective. Got it? The layers of meta-ness on this clip are deep, but it is finally here and we are in <3

Alive is the first track from Sia's upcoming album, This is Acting, which presents songs that she wrote for other artists (and sometimes with them) but ended up keeping as her own. Sia has said during interviews that the album will have more of a pop vibe, and that is certainly evident on this track.

Slightly sombre piano chords open the record, with the dramatic first line, "I was born in a thunderstorm," arriving with a tension-building beat that develops into a heady thump. The increasingly desperate assertion that "I'm still breathing" leads up to the emphatic "I'm alive" chorus, where Sia is occasionally so overcome with passion that her voice seems to crack... but, of course, we know that Sia's vocal gymnastics know no bounds and this is a clever trick to get us in the sweet spot. Mission accomplished, Sia! We can't wait to hear the rest.