premiere: step inside rick owens's paris home in zebra katz's 'hello hi' video

The New York rap renegade returns with a brilliant new track and stylish video.

by i-D Staff
02 November 2016, 5:25pm

"Hello Hi" is the stunning new single from Brooklyn's finest experimental alt-rapper Zebra Katz, who is dressed in head-to-toe Rick Owens in the track's accompanying video, shot at the designer's Paris residence, Palais Bourdon. It's a standalone track that precedes Katz's new EP due in December, and the rapper's debut album slated to release in spring 2017. "Hello Hi" follows Katz's past fantastic releases such as "Blk Diamond" and "Nina Simone," taken from 2015's Nu Renegade EP, with British producer Leila Arab.

Premiering today on i-D, the sparse, syncopated "Hello Hi" is a yearning dedication to desire, delivered in Katz' esoteric style. "This track is an ode to lust and longing," Katz tells i-D. "It's an honest glimpse into my vulnerable mind."

Directed by Patrick Stemelen (who also helmed "Nina Simone's" video) and Katz — and filmed in Owens' Palais Bourdon as well as Paris's digital arts center La Gaite Lyrique — "Hello Hi" is a sprawling, stylish tale of passion. It features vocals by Bosco and production from Kashaka. "This video wouldn't be possible without the support and encouragement I receive from Rick Owens and Michelle Lamy," Katz says. 

Press play on "Hello Hi" and reacquaint yourself with the renegade rhymer.

"Hello Hi" is released on ZFK Records and is available on iTunes now.


Photography Stephane Gaboue
Styling Flora Zoutu 

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