supermodel beauty tips to motivate your flagging new year's resolutions

Yesterday was Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. We're based on the top floor of our building and when we looked up from our glowing computer screens, everything around us was blue. But don't worry, because now that's over, 2014 can only...

by i-D Team
21 January 2014, 5:35pm

Lily Donaldson Photography Daniele + Iango Styling Alastair McKimm, The Define Yourself Issue, No. 309, Fall 2010

So if Dry January lasted for an hour before you realised you needed a Bloody Mary to get over your NYE hangover, if your plan to go to the gym everyday before work fell through because, well, it's raining outside and you realised you actually hated all your new hobbies and would be much happier if you quit them before you start, here are some beauty tips from the supers to motivate you on the first day of the happy part of 2014! We will look like a supermodel by the time summer is here... Follow these 18 easy steps.

"Always take your make-up off before you go to sleep. I can't live without Laura Mercier tinted moisturier." Lily Donaldson

"I can't live without water and olive oil, quality food, lots of sleep and sex!" Carmen Kass

"Indulge in facials. I do it for the TLC, it makes my skin looks immediately beautiful.Use hair conditioner or some kind of hair mask. I'm really in love with the Paul Lebreque oil pack of five little bottles. They change my dry hair completely." Eva Herzigova

"Get rid of dead skin by using Nia 64 face wash, it gives you a great glow. Let your hair dry naturally with some leave in hair conditioner and then style later so that the hairdryer does not damage it. Keep your teeth white with baking soda." Danielle Zinaich

"Stop being so insecure, stand up straight and stop covering your face in make-up - you're not as ugly as you think." Kristen McMenamy

"Eat well and take care of yourself. There is nothing you can put on your face to cover or clear what comes from eating shit food. PhytoCeuticals Phyto-C Serum Fifteen is the most helpful and my favorite product for the skin." Guinevere Van Seemus 

"Go to the gym at least twice a week and meditate. It helps to relax, stay focused and feel energised in addition to looking refreshed.My favorite product is Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex. I always travel with it. It's so smooth and is a great moisturiser." Joan Smalls

"Cleanse, tone and moisture before going to bed to get blemish free skin, my favorite skincare range is Dermalogica. I can't stand dry lips, so I apply Vaseline at least five times a day and before I go to bed to keep my lips nice and soft." Jourdan Dunn

"It may be a cliché, but drink lots of water. It's the best way to look fresh and healthy." Julia Stegner

"Stop smoking!" Lara Stone

"I like a mint flavor to my lip gloss." Lindsey Wixson

"Drink lots of water, give yourself a facial every once in a while, and most important of all - sleep sufficiently, even on a model's intense schedule! Estee Lauder's Hydrating Crème Cleanser makes my skin feel incredible whenever I use it." Liu Wen

"Take care of your skin. Less is more when it comes to make-up and skin care products. I am a HUGE fan of Aquaphor. Not only do I use it on myself but I use it on my children as well." Liya Kebede

"Always use UV protection." Malgolsia Bela

"Do a beauty mask every few days and avoid too much sun in summer. In China people believe that if you eat healthy foods your skin will be better, so eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible and drink a lot of water!" Ming Xi

"Wash your face with cold water and get enough sleep. My favorite product is Sisley Botanical Buff & Wash Facial Gel." Natasha Poly

"I can't live without water." Natasha Vojnovic

"Stay true to yourself. Sharing time and energy with people you care for always makes you feel beautiful and special..." Valerija Kelava


Photography Daniele + Iango
Fashion Director Edward Enninful
Styling Hanna Kelifa And Jack Borkett
Hair Luigi Murenu for John Frieda

Make-up Virginia Young at Streeters
Nail technician Jenny Longworth at CLM using Dior Fall look
Photographic assistance Letizia Ragno, Fabio Affuso and Olivier Renck
Styling assistance Sarah Atkinson, Lucy Kebbell and Efi Turkson
Hair assistance Yukiko Tajima, Akiko Kurizuka, Carl Reeves, Rahel Sultan, Lorenzo Barcella, Ernesto Montenovo
Make-up assistance Rebecca Casati
Post production black & white process development by Gianni Romano
Retouching Didier Luk at +852 Paris
Models Lara Stone at IMG. Eva Herzigova at Storm. Malgosia Bela at Next models. Ming Xi at Ford. Jourdan Dunn at Storm
Special thanks to Robin Jaffee at Streeters, Pierre Chèvre, Pierre Clermontel, Aurélie Chenu, Pascal Sachy at
 [The Define Yourself Issue, no. 309, Fall 2010] 

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