kim kardashian has launched her own range of emojis

The "kimojis" include Kim's hand taking a selfie and her iconic peach-like posterior.

by Nick Levine
21 December 2015, 5:25pm

If someone asked you to summarize how the internet works in 2015, you could do worse than reply: "Kim Kardashian West has launched her own range of emojis." From today, the Kimoji app will allow us to accessorize our social media posts and text messages with more than 20 Kim-themed symbols including Kim's face, Kim on a stripper pole, Kim clutching her pregnant belly, Kim's hand taking a selfie, and of course Kim's iconic peach-like posterior. In a stroke of near-genius, there's also a speech bubble containing the word "basic" - why didn't anyone think of this sooner? In fact, the only fault we can find with the Kimoji range is the lack of a Kanye emoji, though maybe that will come next time Kim updates the app.


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