The i-D One Issue, No. 1, September 80

35 top i-D covers of all time

35 years, 337 issues and over 400 dreamy, delectable, deliciously appetizing covers each featuring the girls and boys of the moment flashing us an audacious wink. To celebrate our birthday, we asked 35 members of the i-D family what their most coveted...

by i-D Staff
09 June 2015, 1:52pm

The i-D One Issue, No. 1, September 80

1. "Cover number 1. The excitement of seeing the issue land on my doormat as an art student is still with me. I ordered i-D from a small ad in the back of Vogue in 1980 and when I saw the black and pink stapled fanzine I knew I had found family! I left college in 82 and the only job I wanted was to work at i-D, which I did for six years. I left in 88 but have been contributing ever since." Caryn Franklin, Contributing Features Editor

2. "Issue number 8. Graphically it's really eye catching and energetic even 35 years after it was made! I love the colors - it's my screen saver and one I always go back to." Laura Liggins, Senior Designer

The Head to Toe Issue, No. 8, October 82

3. "My favorite is Madonna in 1984, it set the tone for what was to come; beautiful images of the stars of tomorrow brought to you first by i-D." Declan Higgins, Video Commissioning Editor

The seXsense Issue, No. 15, March/April 84

4. "First time I bought i-D… March 1986." Richard Martin, Managing Director

The Madness Issue, No. 34, March 86

5. "The Happy Issue, because everything would have just been much better wouldn't it?" Max Clarke, Fashion & Market Editor

The Happy Issue, No. 54, January 88

6. "1988 by Judy Blame, love it! I'm a huge fan of Judy's collage work, which to my mind has retained a real contemporary edge." Princess Julia, Culture Correspondent

The Surreal Issue, No. 57, April 88

7. "The Anarchy Issue, 1990. The only issue of i-D without a winking cover star. Because it was the Anarchy Issue you see, so Terry broke his own rule! Genius." Sarah Raphael, Acting Editor

The Anarchy Issue, No. 82, July 90

8. "Sonic is and continues to be my ultimate childhood superhero. Great to see him get the attention he deserves." Ravi Amaratunga, Global Group Director Film and Video

"Sonic the hedgehog. 1993 I believe." Alastair McKimm, Fashion Director

"Sonic. A triumph for diversity and a really big moment for blue, anthropomorphic hedgehogs everywhere." Matthew Whitehouse, Creative Assistant

The Screen Issue, No. 112, January 93

9. "It's impossible to have a favorite i-D cover, there are too many brilliant covers to choose from. Some covers grab you the moment you see them, others pull you in when you are least expecting it! Looking back there are also many covers that you realize were markers in time that perfectly captured the spirit of the moment. One of these that I always loved was Juergen's cover of Kristen McMenamy in 1993... the right face at the right time." Graham Rounthwaite, Creative Director

The Beauty Issue, No. 117, June 93

10. "Linda Evangelista, Nov 1993. The image is perfectly reminiscent of the era, from the styling to the haircut. Candid and truthful, it's a classic Juergen Teller portrait." Jordan Stokes, Producer

The Hard Issue, No. 122, November 93

11. "I guess it is the December 1993 cover of Kate Moss as it changed my mind as to what kind of girl I thought was hot! Ironically later the next year Kate was in CK One ad with my future wife… spooky." Angus Munro, Casting Director

The Smart Issue, No. 123, December 93

12. "The one with Drew Barrymore on the cover. It's the absolute dream." Tish Weinstock, Editorial Assistant

The Pin-Ups Issue, No. 138, March 95

13. "For the aesthetics - Mossy's full (facial) frontal, cause she #flawless. For the message - issue 5, cause just Do It Yourself." Georgie Wright, Intern

The Survival Issue, No. 149, February 96

14. "It was the first issue of i-D that I picked up, flicked through in the newsagent and bought. I was thirteen and instantly intrigued by the playfulness of Audrey and her perfectly positioned dice. Its pages transported me far from away from the quiet suburbia that surrounded me. I never looked back." Steve Salter, Head of Social Media

The Killer Issue, No. 169, October 1997

15. "I'm a real sucker for playful graphics and gnarly colorways, so some of i-D's earliest issues - particularly the 3rd and 4th - still hit that sweet spot. And man, that bold typeface with small star graphics from Sade's All Star issue always make me smile. But in terms of cover images, I think my favorite has to be The Ego Issue from 98. It's coming with a real Avedon In the American West vibe, but with a killer i-D twist. I've gotta start looking in Chinatown for one of those 'E' earrings!" Emily Manning, Assistant Editor US

The Ego Issue, No. 173, March 98

16. "Devon Aoki, the most beautiful girl to have ever existed, at her most beautiful. What more does a cover need?" Felix Petty, Content Manager

The Adult Issue, No. 179, September 98

17. "The Drenched Issue with Gisele, because it's so pink and y2k!" Alice Newell-Hanson, Managing Editor, US

The Drenched Issue, No. 195, March 00

18. "Tom Ford and his dog John." Tracey Nicholson, Fashion Editor, US

The Man and Beast Issue, No. 211, July 01

19. "Matt Jones shot of Aaliyah, September 2001. Just because she was amazing." Sam O'Shaughnessy, Group Commercial Director

The Bedroom Issue, No. 213, September 01

20. "The doll-faced Jessica Stam by Richard Burbridge for The New Dawn issue, no. 247 Autumn 2004 and that INCREDIBLE make-up by Pat McGrath stands out because it's timeless, it looks like it could have been shot today. The skill and artistry that went into that image is so bloody brilliant. It's i-Conic!" Lynette Nylander, Managing Editor

The New Dawn Issue, No. 247, September 04

21. "Lady Sovereign photographed by Alasdair McLellan. Too sick!" James Hutchins, Assistant Music Editor

The Home Issue No. 261 December 06

22. "I didn't know who Caio Vaz was, but he just looked so sunkissed and carefree, whatever. He's actually Brazilian but looked like he'd just rocked up out of Dogtown. Peace!"  Felicity Kinsella, Assistant Editor

The We Got Issues Issue, No. 273, February 07

23. "I liked the Bjork "Waaaa" one from when Ben Reardon was editor because the design was so alive, unique and felt like the format of magazine cover had been totally set free." Sarah Hay, Contributing Features Editor

The Out of the Blue Issue, No. 277, June 07

24. "The Couples Issue 'i love you' - Daisy Lowe and Will Blondelle shot by Terry Richardson." Tom Ivin, Production Co-Ordinator

"The Couples Issue because it's young, fun and real. Also, GREAT BOOBS DAISY LOWE." Francesca Dunn, Staff Writer

"Daisy Lowe and Will Blondelle shot by Terry Richardson. When it came out I thought it was the coolest cover ever and I still do. Love and lust without a filter." Tessa Griffith, Office Manager

The Couples Issue, No. 279, August 07

25. "My favorite cover is Gemma Ward by Edward Enninful and Emma Summerton. It captured a moment in fashion when Gemma ruled, and romance and femininity. It's also really sexy. Basically everything that i-D does the best!" Bojana Kozarevic, Fashion Assistant

The Offspring Issue, No. 280, September 07

26. "Kaws is just an absolute G, underrated." Phillip Bircham, Creative Strategist

"I'm going to say the Kaws one…" Hattie Collins, Music Editor

The Stepping Stone Issue, No. 289, July 08

27. "Susie Bick by Solve Sundsbo and Edward Enninful. It's deliciously emo and strangely beautiful. I remember reading her interview with Holly on the train to London for my interview at i-D and I totally fell in love with her." Ger Tierney, Executive Fashion Editor

The Best of British Issue, No. 297, March 09

28. "There are so many awesome covers that it's impossible to pick just one favorite, but Ajak Deng's Turn It Up cover for The Livin' Loud Issue is a real stand-out for me. I love all the juxtapositions: Ajak is stunningly beautiful, but she also looks like a total badass! I'm not usually keen on the "fashion punk" look, because often it has no bite, but with the awesome Firestarter hair, full-on make-up, studded bondage straps and draped hot pink tulle, Deng is the ultimate!" Charlotte Gush, Assistant News Editor

The Livin' Loud Issue, No. 311, Pre-Spring 11

29. "How do you answer the impossible question?! I feel like this cover sums i-D up perfectly in one picture… cheeky, irreverent, personality driven and most importantly featuring a great wink!" Daniel Fitzgerald, Senior Account Manager

The Exhibitionist Issue, No. 312, Spring 11

30. "Alasdair McLellan's cover of Jourdan Dunn takes it for me with its shades of Sade and Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love dancers, but also its utterly contemporary feel. Alasdair is a defining i-D photographer and Jourdan one of the magazine's all-time favorite faces. The make-up, backdrop and text color scheme is divinely harmonized. So fresh, so clean!" Stuart Brumfitt, Digital News Editor

"I love this cover because Jourdan is an i-D girl, she's on a pink backdrop and the black roll neck is timeless. It's optimistic and chic!" Julia Sarr-Jamois, Senior Fashion Editor

The Winter Warm Up Issue, No. 316, Winter 11

31. "It was the first issue I got to be a part of." Rebecca Boyd-Wallis, Designer

The Whatever the Weather Issue, No. 317, Pre-Spring 12

32. "The Chen Man one because she's really pretty and sweet, and it's rare to see a Chinese girl on an English magazine. I just think it's quite different." Ryan Lo, Fashion Designer

The Whatever the Weather Issue, No. 317, Pre-Spring 12

33. "Lea Seydoux, because she's awesomely perfect. It's also a very empowering and sexy cover." Kristina Britton, Designer

The Lights, Camera, Action Issue, No. 319, Summer 12

34. "Hands down, the Grace Coddington cover by Arthur Elgort! It's 100% good vibes." Rory Satran, Editorial Director, US

The Wise Up Issue, No. 322, Winter 12

35. "Sophie Hicks by David Bailey May/June 1984, Flash Louis by Alasdair McLellan Nov 2006, King Krule by Alasdair McLellan Winter 2013. If I had to choose one it would be King Krule..." Bunny Kinney, Head of Creative

"King Krule, because it's beautiful and it's different." Ryan White, Social Media Co-Ordinator

The Collector's Issue, No. 328, Winter 13

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