gendr, the app creating lgbtq safe spaces online and irl

If you build it, they will come.

by Annie Armstrong
28 June 2016, 9:07pm

Screenshot via GENDR

It's not easy to find an online community space free of trolls, spambots, and well, ignorance, but that's exactly what GENDR aims to give its users. The app provides a safe space for queer communities to share stories, discuss current events, and swap advice, for the price of $5 a month. According to the creators, the price only exists so that it can filter out users that aren't using it in earnest. Co-creator Barry Brandon told Out, "[The membership] raises the value of the GENDR experience when we know everyone is invested in keeping the vibe cool and supportive."

Users are encouraged to engage with each other in both local circles and in a global conversation. According to the website, talking points include (but are not limited to) gender neutral clothing, transition tips, political issues, makeup tips, and healthcare resources. You can join the conversation by downloading it here.


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