gucci's newest digital art project features skate videos and spooky teen bedrooms

The Italian brand enlisted an international roster of artists — including NYC installation master Sue De Beer, Cape Town-based embroidery artist Danielle Clough, and i-D contributor Prue Stent — to create video pieces that reimagine its Ace sneaker.

by Emily Manning
27 July 2016, 9:10am

Gucci returns with a new iteration of its Insta-art series, in which artists around the world put unexpected spins on the house's classic codes. Amalia Ulman, Ryder Ripps, Ren Hang and Kalen Holloman have all participated in past #GucciGram projects, interpreting the brand's signature prints through collage, illustration, and photography. This new series, however, spotlights Gucci's Ace sneaker style — a low top decorated with the same flames, flowers, studs, and spikes that colour Alessandro Michele's bold runway collections.

For #24HourAce, Gucci sent the trainers to artists across the world and tasked them with creating short video pieces that bring the kicks to life. Though all of the commissions are moving images, their styles range from cut and paste collage to Bollywood style fashion films. Models Steffen Grap and Karo Rose teamed up to create a VHS-style skate video, spliced with lo-fi shots of Berlin's cityscapes. Gucci also tapped South Korean skate sensation Hyo Joo Ko to create a piece; where Grap and Rose go post-punk, Ko's style brings things back to 70s Southern California.

i-D contributor Prue Stent shared a surreal trip to Joshua Tree for her #24HourAce piece, while Cape Town-based artist Danielle Clough interpreted Michele's birds and bees through her own intricate embroidery. One of our favourite contributions arrives via Sue De Beer, the photographer and filmmaker who constructs spooky sets with handmade costumes, props, and colourful lighting fixtures (last Halloween, she invited LA partygoers to choose their own costumes and sit for portraits inside her ultimate haunted house).

Sue's #24HourAce project is an imaginative riff on Alice in Wonderland but with a dash of David Lynch. Her split-screen video piece sees Alice and a basketball-playing Cheshire cat (both decked out in Gucci) lounging inside a glamorously gloomy teen bedroom. Check out all of the #24HourAce videos here and keep your eye on the House's Snapchat account as each artist takes it over for one hour. Throughout the day, artists from around the world will post content to illustrate and explain how they have collaborated with Gucci. The posts will begin with one from Tokyo at 5am CET and end with one from New York hours later, traversing the globe in between.


Text Emily Manning
Screenshot of Sue De Beer's #24HourAce

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