caitlyn jenner will reportedly pose nude in her olympic gold medal

The 'Sports Illustrated' cover — marking the 40th anniversary of the Montreal Summer Games — would be the first time Jenner has posed with her medal post-transition.

by Hannah Ongley
05 May 2016, 3:03pm


It's not just punk celebrating its 40th anniversary this year — 2016 also marks exactly four decades since Caitlyn Jenner's Olympic gold decathlon victory at the Montreal Summer Games in 1976. Though Jenner is reportedly planning to blend the two milestones into one, celebrating her record in the most punk way ever: by posing on the cover of Sports Illustrated wearing nothing but her Olympic medal. Well, that and an American flag — she is a staunch Republican, after all. In a blog post last year titled "Where Do I Keep My Gold Medal," Jenner revealed that she keeps her "most prized possession" in a sock drawer because she doesn't want her kids to interpret a medal as the only badge of success. If the new report is true, this would be the first time Jenner has posed with her medal post-transition. 

While 2015 was deemed the Year of Caitlyn Jenner, the trans trailblazer has continued her winning streak well into this one. Last month she released her new "Finally Free" lipstick shade via MAC cosmetics, with 100% of the sales going to the MAC Aids Fund Transgender Initiative to support grants for improving trans lives. Last month she made Time's 100 Most Influential People. And while she's been called out for a few of her own unprogressive political views, the 66-year-old Republican has at least now added her voice to the fight to overturn the controversial anti-LGBT bathroom bill. 

This might be the only look more powerful than her Vanity Fair corset


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