ab fab to hit the big screen, sweedy!

The fashion world piss-take TV show that ruled the 90s is getting its own movie. Crack open the Boli, dahling!

by Stuart Brumfitt
30 April 2015, 4:19pm

Yesterday on - ahem - Loose Women, comedian Jennifer Saunders confirmed that there will be a movie version of Absolutely Fabulous, the TV that sent up the pretensions, dramas, addictions and fads of the fashion publishing and PR world. Lacroix-loving Eddie, chain-smoking Patsy, sensible Saffy and kooky Bubbles will start filming the first feature length spin-off of the TV show in the fall, so prepare to have your sides (and your seams if, like Eddie, you enjoy squeezing into too-tight fashions) split. 

The original TV show officially ended in 1996, but has made numerous comebacks in Christmas, Olympic and charity special forms. So why now? "I didn't do it for a while because I thought, 'wouldn't it be awful if it was awful,'" said Saunders. "But now we're all so old … Joanna [Lumley] says 'do it before we all die.'" She joked that it was a "miracle" that they'd managed to find a plot that could accommodate all of the characters and hinted at a massive jolly, saying she hopes budgets will allow her to go film in the South of France or the Bahamas. Catch our film with Jennifer Saunders and Jean Paul Gaultier here.

Absolutely Fabulous
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