​see rare snaps of nirvana’s very first gig

A teenager in Seattle uncovered a series of house party pics in her dad’s stuff.

by Charlotte Gush
21 July 2015, 12:05pm

When Maggie Poukkula tweeted "Pictures of my dad and Kurt Cobain playing together back in the day" along with a strip of three snaps found while riffling through her dad's stuff, she didn't imagine she would blow the music industry's collective mind. Turns out, those grainy houseparty shots are a record of Nirvana's very first gig, held at Tony's house in March 1987.

Maggie's dad, musician Tony Poukkula, "went to high school with Kurt and played with him before he got big," she revealed in a later tweet, schooling the fake-sayers by pointing them to Kurt's biography, which mentions her dad by name.

It seems Tony has taken charge of the snaps again, as Maggie responded to requests for higher res shots by saying, "they're with my dad" now. A similar image and the full audio of the gig has been on Youtube for several years; check it out below:

First Gig