dreamy dree hemingway talks coach spring/summer 16

As Coach celebrates the spring/summer 16 London Collections: Men show with Dree Hemingway, we catch up with the dream herself.

by Felicity Kinsella
15 June 2015, 2:25pm

photography alasdair mclellan

After the Coach spring/summer 16 show, the #FROW left behind visions of 60s psychedelia and young skater boys and girls gathered to celebrate Stuart Vevers' first menswear runway show for the brand. Co-hosted by LC:M ambassador TinieTempah and the utterly dreamy Dree Hemingway, the post-show event saw Charlie Casely-Hayford, Sam Rollinson, Charlotte Wiggins and Rafferty Law celebrating the show's American dream theme. We caught up with two-time i-D cover star Dree to talk Coach, movies, and the suicide forest…

Dree Hemingway wears Coach Lucky Intarsia Jumper, Coach black leather bandeau skirt, Coach black Shadow Bag and Spring 16 Men's Orange Tiger Faux Fur Reversible Jacket, with Stuart Vevers, Creative Director of Coach.

What did you think of the Coach show?
It was amazing, I want to wear menswear all the time. I think it's nice for Coach to have a kind of English inspiration. It was 60s, with a skater kind of vibe. I liked the sneakers, it was a strong shoe look.

Have you ever reviewed a show before?
No, I don't know if anyone would want me to review a show. I'm a Sagittarius, I'm far too brutally honest!

How did you get involved with Coach?
I've known Stuart for years and years and years and it just felt right. It's an American brand and I'm an American girl, mixed with my English family. It just feels right.

What are you up to in London while you're here?
I just came for the Coach show, then I'm going to Paris for my Chloé fragrance launch, which will be really cool. Then I also did a short film for this artist Jesper Just and I'll be launching at Palais de Tokyo on the 22nd, which will be awesome.

What's the film about?
There's a monologue he has, it's really moving and beautiful, but there's a sadness, it's a bit abstract. It's very Ingmar Bergman.

Starlet was brilliant, are you going to be doing any more films?
Yeah, I just finished two films. I finished one in September called - they changed the name on me the other day - it's called Live Cargo. It was Happy People. Then I did another film called The People Garden, that I shot for three months in different places in Canada and then Japan. It's based in the suicide forest outside of Mount Fuji.

The one with Matthew McConaughey?
No it's not that one, we did an independent film, same forest though! It just happened we were doing the same movie, but there are different plots. It's very dreamy, I would say the forest is the main character.

What's the actual suicide forest like?
It's a weird situation, but there's something beautiful about it because in Japan, suicide is an honorable way to die. I think it's like, once you've made the choice to take your own life, in the suicide forest there are guides and it's a happy, weird place.


Rafferty Law

Nick Grimshaw wears Coach Grey T-shirt with Green Text, with Dree Hemingway.

Tinie Tempah wears Coach spring/summer 16 Mixed Racer Jacket, with Stuart Vevers and Dree Hemingway.

Sam Rollinson wears in Coach Foulard Dress.


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