​#awkward: jay z did not just use marina abramović

The Serbian performance artist has issued an apology to the rapper.

by Charlotte Gush
21 May 2015, 1:32pm

It was one of the most unlikely stories of the week, with many looking at the fair-paying streaming service Tidal owner and bailer-outer of Baltimore protestersJay Z, in a different, slightly colder light. Preeminent performance artist Marina Abramović accused Jay Z of taking her work, The Artist is Present, and adapting it for his art performance of Picasso Baby without holding up his end of the bargain: donating to the Marina Abramović Institute. Abramović said she was "very pissed by this," vowing to "never do it again," and adding that, "It's so cruel, it's incredible. I will stay away from it for sure."

After the director of the Picasso Baby video turned up a receipt from Jay's donation, it is now clear that that accusation was unfounded, but apparently Abramović didn't know - possibly because Jay Z uses a stage name, but donates using his real one, Shawn Carter. An official statement from the Marina Abramović Institute, "acknowledges a substantial donation," explaining that, "Marina Abramović was not informed of Shawn 'Jay Z' Carter's donation from two years ago when she recently did an interview with Spike Magazine in Brazil," adding, "We are sincerely sorry to both Marina Abramović and Shawn 'Jay Z' Carter for this, and since then we have taken to appropriate actions to reconcile this matter." #Awkward.

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