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soulection: music to... all of you, from me, with love

Founded in 2011, Soulection set out to carve their own place in the music industry with The Sound of Tomorrow... “We’re gonna try to make Soulection an official genre,” explains Joe Kay, co-founder of the LA-based beats collective. Like hip hop, alt...

by James Hutchins
23 December 2014, 2:40pm

soulection crowd


Intro by Shera
Su na - Affection
El Padrino - Gold
SiR - The Bullet and the Gun(HMLT Edit)
Wantigga - Snake Charm
HNNY - 9.15
Jengi Beats - Autumn
Aj - Her Smile
Origimoz - Won
CRT music - Slow Rollin
Art Vandelay - Naima x Mr.Hutch
DC - Why
*???? - ???? (Forthcoming Soulection)*
Alexander Lewis X Brass Tracks - Distant Memories
R.O.M + DEFFIE - Natural Frequency
jaames - 1999
Louis XIV - Hunt for the Breeze
OriJanus - Bonita
Planet Giza - Ca$$h
SELVSSE - Good Appetite
Sleepate - Constellation
Herzeloyde - Phanboy
März P - Soft Lips
KRNE - Jump On
Jodeci - My Heart (Tony Tritone Talkbox Remix)
DC - 5am
Herzeloyde - Days Daze
Eyukaliptus - I miss you sorta
Eli Muro - Orphan s Son (Ekali Remix)
Etta Bond x Raf Riley - Come over
Eyukaliptus - Really good to Me
Jo Def - Ms You

Read our interview with the Soulection founders here.


Photography Dominic Macias

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