pittsburgh hustler turned rostrum rap artist, boaz, lives hard and speaks from the heart

Content to allow the music to speak for itself and swerving jail to retell hard learned truths via his relaxed, informed and affective hip hop beats, the beauty of Boaz is his laid back, give a fuck nature.

by Milly McMahon
01 August 2014, 3:10pm

Bringing the official debut album together like a masterpiece, crafting material intended to be as everlasting as it is honest, 29-year-old Boaz appreciates the conflicting yin and yang motivations prevalent in society. "You gotta let people know that there's a reciprocal message. Theres always someone who's behind the trigger and at the end of the barrel." Making sense of the intense street politics he grew up negotiating in his neighbourhood, he plainly reconciles the gritty reality of survival with his own quest for understanding and inner peace. Losing his father aged just six, baby Boaz has idolised his mum from day one. Taking time to appreciate fans, encouraging his bars to save lives, Boaz is a gentleman, a new age Hip Hop icon and family man. Fronting a slow, head bobbing flow, layered over diverse production techniques, the heat coming off this Rostrum homeboy is red hot. Tight with label buddies and local talent Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, the trio are proudly putting Pittsburgh on the Hip Hop map. Working with powerhouse production duo K-Salem and Beatnick ahead of a debut album rumoured for release in September, Boaz is confident you're going to love what you hear. Chatting after an appearance on the most dangerous NY Hip Hop chatting Breakfast radio show (Charlamagne shouted "NO CONDOMS" when he spoke about his three sons) Boaz turned up wearing Abercrombie plaid and 501s to explain why the lids and bottoms always gotta match and how money doesn't make a man, but he's still going to need that Porshe in pearl.  

You're well documented as being a hustler, do the dangerous motivations that fuelled your past life translate themselves into your current life, or have you simply become more peaceful?
I think that channeling is peaceful sometimes. I think that this is something you really gotta practice, it ain't just gonna come to you. I've been working to be this way my whole life. Peace isn't just something you can pick up and have.

What kind of a father are you, strict or relaxed?
l'm strict when I need to be and relaxed when I need to be, I try to be the best father. They some crafty young brothers man. They are some of my biggest inspirations right now. A few songs are inspired by them certainly.

Have you played the music to them?
No but they play it themselves and thats the beauty of technology. I don't personally recommend my music for children but I think they goin' listen to it anyway. They are more excited by it all rather than critical. But I try to keep a little clean version around for them to listen to.

Is there a specific bit of text or track you refer to if you feel like your struggling?
I always go to 70s era Soul when I'm feeling a bit down and need music to uplift me. I go to some of the brothers that are going to be able to explain all that real well - Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder - the 70s just had that message of inspiration so, I like the music my Ma brought me up on. 

You're working with Jim Jonsin, Metroboomin and Hitboy. How do those collaborations come about?
You gotta really go in and capitalise that opportunity when you got the time to work with producers of that magnitude, me and Jim have actually worked together. Metro and Hitboy I'm still trying to finalise, it's about being persistent, you really gotta be at these guys to give them that sense of attraction. You can't be lackadaisical with that. 

So you've got a top producer on the phone, how do you sell yourself?
The best way to sell myself is by being myself. I just say what's naturally in my heart and be as sincere as possible. 

Whats gets the most space in your wardrobe?
I would say hats and shoes most likely. My best hat? Recently l bought a Godfather Fedora, it cost me about 600 blows, that might be the most expensive hat I brought in my lifetime. I got a few Gucci buckets. Baseball caps are my favourite to be honest, but that's my most prized possession.

Whats the biggest luxury you have splashed out on?
Nice cars, nice jewellery, a house. I want to get a Porshe this year. When the album comes out if you see me in that Porshe I'll be like shout out to Milly, she inspired me to get that Porshe. 

What colour am l looking out for?
Pearl - I gotta go pearl white just to make statement you know.

I don't reckon I would keep that clean for long...



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