watch the trailer for the dazed and confused sequel

Richard Linklater is taking us back to college with a "spiritual sequel" to coming-of-age classic 'Dazed and Confused.'

by Ryan White
23 December 2015, 5:55pm

More than 20 years after the release of the seminal Dazed and Confused, writer and director Richard Linklater is releasing a sequel. Following a group of college baseball players as they initiate new members into their team, Everybody Wants Some promises jocks, baseball, beers, bongs and a refresher course in the politics of college life taught to us previously by Roadtrip, American Pie and almost any other film starring Seann William Scott.

The trailer, playing out to the familiar tune of My Sharona, suggests the film doesn't stray far the format we know. However, given the fresh cast of relatively unknown actors and our total and utter faith in Richard Linklater, we certainly can't wait to take a trip back to the 80s glory days we never experienced.

Everybody Wants Some is slated for release in April next year. 


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