​exclusive: watch gypsy sport’s interactive new film, with music by jaden and willow smith

The joint CFDA Fashion Fund-winning designer Rio Uribe collaborates with a boundary-pushing Californian crew for Gypsy Sport’s spring/summer 16 campaign film.

by Charlotte Gush
18 April 2016, 12:20pm

Rio Uribe, the creative mastermind behind genderfluid New York label Gypsy Sport, has returned to his Californian roots for the brand's spring/summer 16 music video slash campaign film. Teaming up with Jaden and Willow Smith on a soundtrack that speaks of blissed-out drives along the Pacific Coast Highway, the interactive video by Greg Luna and Luxloop allows viewers to flick through three concurrent films, showing dancers Clarys 'The Era', Ty Wells, and Jess Hiestand twist and jerk and spin and pose in the cropped and fringed tops and pleated, flowing trousers of the spring/summer 16 collection, AL LA DO.

As the interactive film premieres exclusively on i-D, we catch up with designer Rio Uribe to find out more about how it came together, and what's coming up next for the joint CFDA Fashion Fund-winning label...

Why did you choose to tell the story of the collection through dance?
There are lots of wide pleats, fringes, and ruffles in this collection so I wanted to show it in motion. Dance is such a global sport and Los Angeles has a huge dance community so we spent a few days scouting kids at Millennium Dance complex. We discovered some awesome talent, like Clarys 'The Era', a super talented dancer and choreographer. Ty Wells is the male dancer -- he's fearless, almost danced right off the cliff. He also happens to be my little brother's good friend so it was really fun shooting with him. Jess Hiestand is the sporty girl with curly hair. I really love the sexy attitude she brings to the video.

How did you come to work with Jaden and Willow Smith on the soundtrack?
I've known Jaden Smith for a minute and I told him about this interactive video I was shooting in the Hollywood Hills. A few weeks later we met up in NY and he showed me this beautiful song, featuring Willow. It's about the feelings of freedom and wanderlust while driving down the Pacific Coast Highway of California -- something I relate to closely, because we're both from Los Angeles. It was a perfect match.

What do you hope the interactive element adds to the film?
I have to give the credit of the interactive idea to my friends, the directors, Greg Luna and Luxloop. We hope that the interactive features of the film makes you want to watch it more than once. It's three amazing little films that are put in the hands of the viewer, and they can cut and edit to the music, or however they want to experience these dancers on their screen. It almost lets the viewer be their own music video director. It's pretty fun.

You were a joint-winner of the 2015 CfDA Fashion Fund. How has this impacted on Gypsy Sport over the past few months?
We've gone from being an underground brand to a much more recognized brand. It's a lot of pressure to be looked over by so many industry people because I'm not a trained designer, and my team is pretty much made up of misfits. But at the same time I'm having loads of fun and enjoying the ride.

What's next for Gypsy Sport?
Some really cool collaborations and I'm taking time now to intern at some bigger fashion houses. I want to learn how brands like Supreme and Margiela operate behind the scenes. I want to keep learning because I want Gypsy Sport to keep growing. 

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