junglepussy hits the airwaves with new video ‘spicy103 fm’

As we announce her supporting tour dates with Le1f, set your dials to ‘spicy’ and press play on the NYC native’s latest empowering video.

by Emily Manning
18 February 2016, 8:50pm

Digital downloads and streaming services have fundamentally shifted the way we consume music; but in New York City, radio still reigns, especially when it comes to hip-hop. Everyone in the five boroughs knows that Angie Martinez -- the "voice of New York" as she's hailed by boys on the block and Barack Obama alike -- rules the airwaves. In her new music video, Brooklyn-bred rapper Junglepussy tries her hand at a hosting gig for fictional feminist station "Spicy103 FM."

"To all the brothers out there who know how to appreciate a strong minded, hard working sister, call us up at 877-BLACK-LUV," the rapper -- born Shayna McHayle -- spits smoothly in the latest single off her sophomore album, Pregnant with Success. As McHayle (who rocks a honey-hued wig not dissimilar to Martinez's own hair color) kicks it in the deep blue and pale pink booth, young black women across the city gather in bedrooms to chill, swap beauty tips, and tune into Junglepussy's spicy station.

The camera cuts to a caller -- also played by McHayle -- phoning in live over a pancake platter to explain how her man comes home "smelling like PopEyes, chicken wings and fries," before delivering the sex-positive lyrical acrobatics she's made her name with. "I predict 2016 you gon' be needin me like nic-o-tine/ on your knees where you supposed to be," the fed-up caller addresses her wack dude as the host nods her head in solidarity. Soon enough, another call comes through from said man -- again played by McHayle -- who attempts to clap back with his own version of the story. Eventually, she shuts him down for good to the delight of the host and her listeners: "Relationships are more than food and lusty interactions, dude." As another famous fictional radio host once said, "that's the double truth, Ruth."

"Spicy103 FM" exhibits all of Junglepussy's strongest points: her dexterous flow, inventive imagery, strong sense of self love, and best of all, her winning sense of humor (plus, it makes a serious case for McHayle's career as an actress). So we're even more stoked to announce that next month, she'll be setting out on tour in support of Le1f -- another NYC-native who packs quick-witted punches. Here's where you can check them out:

3/6 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
3/7 - San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop
3/8 - San Diego, CA - Soda Jerk
3/14 - Denver, CO - Cervantes Otherside
3/15 - El Paso, TX - Bowie Feather
3/17 - Dallas, TX - RBC
3/20 - New Orleans, LA - Hi Ho Lounge
3/23 - Orlando, FL - TBA
3/26 - Miami, FL - Bardot
3/27 - Atlanta, GA - Purgatory at Masquerade
4/9 - Montreal, QC - Belmont
4/10 - Toronto, ON - Drake Underground
4/12 - Providence, RI - The Met
4/13 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer4/16 - Baltimore, MD - Sound Stage


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