watch brooke candy’s wonderfully weird video for 'rubber band stacks'

The Californian rapper-raver presents a surreal slice of dance pop perfection.

by Charlotte Gush and i-D Staff
19 August 2015, 1:59pm

Updating the music video for the post-Wrecking Ball, post-Monster Ball era, Brooke Candy deadpan licks a judge's gavel… but only after getting off with a hand painted as a toucan, and dressing up as a Mexican wrestler in an ice skating bodysuit, as a Dirrty-era Aguilera-alike with Farah Fawcett waves, and as a glittery 70s mystic. Welcome to the weird, but completely wonderful world of fashion darling and music rebel Brooke Candy.

Rubber Band Stacks is presumably the first single from Candy's long-awaited, as-yet-unnamed debut album, which was initially slated to drop in January 2015, building on the success of 2014's Opulence EP. Having teamed up first on the video for Opulence, Candy is reunited with stylist and Diesel creative director Nicola Formichetti for Rubber Band Stacks. Our appetites are well and truly whetted for the album now, which is being executive produced by label-mate Sia.

Brooke Candy
rubber band stacks