web goddess jeanette hayes curates the best videos of the year

The artist and internet hall of famer will present her annual video, ‘this american life,’ at the 55 gansevoort gallery tonight.

by Emily Manning
17 December 2014, 9:26pm

Image courtesy Jeanette Hayes

When it comes to LOL-worthy cultural commentary, not even This American Life host Ira Glass can touch artist and undisputed internet MVP Jeanette Hayes. Every December, the GIF goddess compiles a video of the year's best moments captured on Instagram, Vine, and her own iPhone. 

Hayes will unveil her monster truck crashing, selfie-filled chronicle of 2014 (as well as her previous videos from 2013 and 2012) in an exhibition aptly titled This American Life, which opens tonight at elevator shaft-turned-art gallery 55 Gansevoort. Hayes' videos, which span between five to 30 minutes in length, will be played on a continuous loop and can be viewed 24/7 by looking through the gallery's windowed doors. An opening reception for This American Life will be held tonight from 6-8 pm and the videos will be on view until January 5.

This American Life stills, courtesy Jeanette Hayes 



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Images courtesy Jeanette Hayes

Jeanette Hayes
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