​one night in heaven with ennio capasa of costume national

We talk to the designer on collaborating with Marina Abramovic, and previewing his pre-fall collection in LA.

by Felix Petty
14 January 2015, 5:50pm

Photography Dragakun

Last Saturday's Art of Elysium hosted their eight annual charity gala in Los Angeles, in which legendary performance artist Marina Arbramovic teamed up with Italian label Costume National for an evening of collaborative art events.

Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick, Jena Malone and Joaquin Phoenix all wore Costume National and Marina Abramovic designed pyjama robes for Heaven, and slunk into bed for the evening, before getting a sneak peak of Costume National's pre-fall collection, Heaven/RocknRoll Angel exploring "the abstract interplay of light and dark." i-D caught up Costume National's founder and designer Ennio Capasa to talk about the event.

Firstly, how was the whole evening for you?
It was a fantastic experience. Marina succeeded in making it a memorable adventure for all the guests, starting with a silent party, having everyone wear my robes and guiding them with her beautiful voice through the performance.

How did Marina approach you to collaborate? Was it an was an easy decision?
Marina and I have been friends for many years, always admiring each other's work. When this opportunity came up of course it was an immediate yes!

How did you go about starting work on it? What did you bring to it? And what did she?
It started with a conversation and Marina's extraordinary inspiring vision of heaven. The performance, Giustizio Universale, was inspired by our extensive dialogue over the last months leading up to the event

What is your inspiration for the pyjamas you created for the attendees to wear?
The moment were light and dark meet.

What was it like to present the pre-fall collection away from the traditional fashion capitals?
It was a wonderful challenge to interact with a different audience and environment and to be part of an artistic performance. It all created and asked for a different creative process. However today, through social media and internet, one is never far away from anything…

How did the theme of heaven play out in the clothes for pre-fall?
I think yes, the idea was to play with an urban angel landed in LA.

Describe your girl for this season?
A rock n roll angel

What do you have planned for the next season?
After this stimulating experience I'm already playing with new ideas but to early to unveil…

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