thom browne’s illustration book celebrates his spring/summer 15 collection

The designer’s storybook, “…And All The Sisters Followed…,” accompanies the launch of his new collection in store.

by Stuart Brumfitt
12 March 2015, 6:21pm

At Thom Browne's spring/summer 15 catwalk show, Diane Keaton narrated a story about six sisters who all dressed alike, wearing different uniforms for different days of the week. Now the story has been turned into a beautiful grey bound book, which contains technicolor illustrations of the looks, drawn by Thom, with paint overlaid by illustrator Ren Zhang. "…And All The Sisters Followed…" is a cute way to encapsulate what had might otherwise have been a fleeting fashion week moment, but it's also Thom's way of giving something back. Proceeds from the limited edition book (available at Joseph in London, plus Thom Browne stores worldwide) will go to the hospital in Pennsylvania where his sister is a pediatric oncologist. "As the business is growing, it's nice to able to start doing something that's not benefitting us," before confiding, "And business is really good." Over afternoon tea at Claridge's in London, Thom told us more about the book, the new collection and the extraordinary fabrics in his new collection.

Why the six sisters?
It's just a story I made up. The collection came first and I really created a story to fit in with the collection. I love the idea of the uniformity in what the six sisters wore each day of the week.

You had Monday to Friday covered, but what did they wear on the weekend?
I joke that they were naked on the weekend.

It was narrated by the actress Diane Keaton. How did you get her involved?
She's been a customer and worn the collection for a long time. I approached her and she said yes. She's perfect for it — she's the kind of girl who would grow up in a family like that. Really strong girls who have their own opinion.

She's known for wearing suits. Has she worn your menswear?
Yeah. I've been doing women's from the beginning as well, but what she loved was strictly the tailoring, so she's worn it for a while.

The six girls here are keen on flowers, tennis, poolside, sailing and butterflies.
They're preppy, East Coast activities. The story is very reminiscent of stories like Little Women that focused on American families that particularly had a lot of girls, and all these personalities.

The fabrics are really quite special.
The concept of the collection was really working with very simple shapes and then the development that went into all the fabrics, and the embroidery and the tweeds was really where a lot of the work in that collection was. A lot of color. But then working with the tweeds that I developed, then using classic fabrics like the Prince of Wales fabric, but cutting into it and making shapes. Then there's a lot of embroidery and some intarsia fur.

Do you see many women wearing head-to-toe Thom Browne looks?
I see it a lot in Asia. It is designed to buy the whole thing, but you can't dictate that.

Limited editions of the book are available at

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